September 10-12, 2020

Memphis, Tennessee

Wednesday, Sepember 9, 2015 SHC Inside Scoop

When I got in this morning Fred told me that he and some of the staff didn’t leave until 12:30 a.m. Whew!

Today is pretty much the same as yesterday. There are lots of details that need to be addressed. The banners went up at the Liberty Bowl Stadium today. While that was being done someone called and said that they sent the wrong banner. Unfortunately, they did not have the replacement ready and therefore, will not have signage during the game because that task has to be completed today.

Earlier, Fred had to deal with a production issue with one of the concerts. If you aren’t familiar with putting on concerts there is one key component you will always have and it’s called a rider. Every artist has a rider and in that rider their management lists all the requirements for their performance. It usually includes sound, lightening, the number of dressing rooms needed, transportation, lodging, meals, etc. Here’s where things can get tricky. Usually the more popular the artist the more extensive their requests. I’ve seen and heard of all kinds of requests –expensive specialty food selections, enough food to throw a party complete with liquor, and M&Ms with all the blue ones taken out. This issue had to do with lighting. Fred made some phone calls and got it resolved. Over the weekend, he had to buy over $800 worth of liquor to make sure that everyone is happy. Unfortunately, all too often promoters get everything on this list and quite a bit of it doesn’t get utilized. Can you imagine buying $800 worth of food and then the artist gets there and says they just ate? Then, there are other times where everything is gone and the artists their band, dancers, management, etc. want to know if there is some more. The concert promotion business is not for the faint of heart or those with shallow pockets.

The phones are a lot quieter today and Fred isn’t struggling not to cuss. Some of Fred’s other tasks include finalizing seating for the Classic Coaches Luncheon, organizing the presenters during the game and the script for the SportSouth broadcast. He’s still working on parking and suites for the game. Those are almost sold out. He’s also concerned about the rain. It’s not supposed to rain on game day but that doesn’t alleviate concerns that the ground may not be dry enough for parking during the Ed “Too Tall” Jones Golf Classic.

My take away for today is the Southern Heritage Classic is a HUGE deal. There are over 20 local, regional and national media outlets that have requested permission to come cover the game. Not to mention dignitaries, politicians and celebrities who want to make sure they have a reserved seat at the game. You’d be surprised how many last minute requests for tickets are coming in. One VIP asked for 10 complimentary tickets to see Gladys Knight! Sorry, but that’s not possible.

Tomorrow kicks off Classic Weekend. Are you ready? My goal tonight is to get plenty of rest because I know I won’t be getting much for the next three days.

BTW…..Lunch was brought to us at the office today courtesy of “Big Money”. He brought us food from Cozy Corner. He does it every year during Classic season. Thanks. It was delicious!

Fred Jones Quote for Today:

“When I ask you a question I don’t need you to think you know the answer. I need you to know.”

Jae_HenAbout the Blogger: Jae Henderson is a native Memphian. She works as a freelance marketing and PR professional, journalist, blogger, book author and just became the newest addition to the Southern Heritage Classic team. She’ll be giving the inside scoop and sharing all Fred’s business until the big game. Go Tigers!