September 10-12, 2020

Memphis, Tennessee

Friday, September 4, 2015 SHC Inside Scoop

By Jae Henderson

The Southern Heritage Classic and Fridays are All About Having Fun! So, today I got to ask Southern Heritage Classic Founder Fred Jones a few probing questions.


What company was the Classic’s first major sponsor? It was Coca-Cola. The first year they gave us $10,000.

How many years did you hold the Classic before it started to make a profit? Five


Favorite Food? Vegetables, especially great northern beans

Fred and his friends. Stein’s was closed so they ate at Peggy’s on Elvis Presley today. Legendary LOC Coach Jerry Johnson joined them.

Favorite Color? Black

What do you do for fun? I have lunch with my friends at Stein’s and play golf.

Hobbies? I don’t have any, unless you count golf.

Favorite Musical Artists?  My favorite artists of all time would be B.B. King, Bobby Blue Bland, Muddy Waters, Albert King and Howlin’ Wolf. I enjoy the Blues.

Favorite Movie? I don’t watch movies. I always fall asleep.

Biggest Influence? My parents, Freddie and Lula Mae Jones.

What sports have you played? I played basketball, baseball, football and I ran a little track.

Tell me something people would be surprised to know about you. I’m an introvert. I talk when I need to.

If you were going to live on an island and you could only take three things what would they be?  My golf clubs, plenty of water and my SHC cap.

cocktail dresses

I was allowed one personal question.

Do you have girlfriend: Yes!

Fred Jones Quote for Today:

I’m an old school brother. I don’t want my “business” in the street.

Custom backdrops DIY backgrounds for picturesAbout the Blogger: Jae Henderson is a native Memphian. She works as a freelance marketing and PR professional, journalist, blogger, book author and just became the newest addition to the Southern Heritage Classic team. She’ll be giving the inside scoop and sharing all Fred’s business until the big game. Go Tigers!