September 11-14, 2019

Memphis, Tennessee

2009 Liberty Bowl – Tennessee State 14, Jackson State 7

More than 43,000 fans turned out for the 20th annual Southern Heritage Classic, ready to enjoy another exciting football game.  They got one; watching Tennessee State claim victory over Jackson State for the seventh straight year.

JSU fans had to wait almost an hour to see their team score.

Dedric McDonald assumed quarterback duties for JSU near halftime when Michael Mosley incurred a shoulder injury. McDonald got JSU close to a tie in the final seven seconds of the game, but not close enough; an incompleted pass to Keenan Tillman handed TSU yet another triumph, punctuated by TSU@€™s Justin Bather intercepting a pass in the final play of the game.

TSU sophomore quarterback Calvin McNairl was awarded The FedEx Game MVP trophy. He@€™d recently replaced injured Dominic Grooms and rushed 14 times for 101 yards and a touchdown while completing four of 11 passes for 43 yards.

Fans are committed to returning next year to see if JSU can break seven years of bad luck or if TSU can achieve an eighth consecutive win.

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