September 11-14, 2019

Memphis, Tennessee

2008 Liberty Bowl – Tennessee State 41, Jackson State 18

A crowd of over 50,000 fans witnessed this year@€™s Classic and they had a unique experience. Instead of the usual close game with the winner decided only in the final seconds, TSU got aggressive in the second quarter and maintained that momentum, beating JSU 41 to 18.

JSU got an early first quarter lead of 10 to 0, and it looked like they might have a chance at shattering TSU@€™s five-year Classic winning streak. But then TSU made a strong break-away in the second quarter and pushed that lead to the end, scoring 28 points consecutively and ultimately, winning the game.

Highlights for TSU include returning two of three interceptions for touchdowns, the team@€™s first touchdown of the game by Javarris Williams on a 28-yard run in the second quarter, and Eric Benson@€™s second-half field goals of 27 and 43 yards. Highlights for JSU includes Erik Pearl’s first quarter 30-yard field goal and the 5-yard touchdown pass from Trae Rutland to Carlos Simpson that gave JSU its first quarter lead. Early in the fourth quarter, Bloi-Dei Dorzon scored on a 2-yard run.

TSU Quarterback Antonio Heffner finished 11 of 16 passes for 137 yards and 48 yards rushing and was designated FedEx Game MVP for the third year in a row.